Friday 6 July 2012

To my Besties


I think EVERYBODY deserve a bestie or two! 
So do you have any besties?, if you don’t, don’t worry I am sure that somebody loves you.

EJ12’s besties

Emma Jacks has four besties ( Hannah, Isi, Elle, Eve) 

An Interesting fact about Emma’s best friends:

Her besties names are spelt the same backward and forward! 

That way Emma thinks that she could trust her besties because they are the same way back or front!

Names that are spelt the same way backward and forward are called “palindrome.


  1. Dear Jane/Nattasha,
    How do you put polls on your page plz tell me because I really want to know!

    Thanks, Sakya

  2. And how do you put the total page reviews thing?
    Bye and gnite,