Wednesday 4 July 2012

A Warm Welcome!

I wish you a very warm welcome to my Pink Sugar Doll Blog,
here is where I talk about Interesting news, EJ12 Girl Hero books,
Cool trends & stylish stuff.

Let me tell you 10 facts about my self!

1. I can speak 2 languages - English and Thai

2. I live in Australia

3. My name is Nattasha

4. I love Technologies and Surfing the Internet

5. I used to name this blog EJ12 news and the name last for about 1 month and I changed it to Pink Sugar Doll!

6. I love reading, Diary of a wimpy kid, EJ12 Girl Hero books, Dear Dumb Diary, Go girls, Selby Books!

7. I am a Taekwondo Yellow belt Stripe 1, I have completed white & orange belt!

8. I have 1 brother

9. I love watching TV

10. I am a right hander!

Thant's all!

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