Thursday 9 August 2012

The Rose Petals & Daisy Chains Blog Award!!!!!!

I have just been award the The Rose Petals & Daisy Chains Blog Award  by the Fabulous  Sunny @ A Super Sunny Spot

She the one person who created The The Rose Petals & Daisy Chains Blog Award! 

The Rose Petals & Daisy Chains Blog Award!!!!!!

 The Rose Petals & Daisy Chains Blog Award means that your blog is utterly fabulous and simply unique. Just like flowers are unique and how none other type can be the same. Meaning that your blog stands out and is a nice place to be. 

So here are the rules to  The Rose Petals & Daisy Chains Blog Award:

  • You must thank your award giver
  • If given this award you must give it to 5 other blogs, but if you are somebody who can't choose, then you don't have to nominate anyone. Though it is preferred to choose 5 other bloggers
  • Put this picture on your blog
  • Notify your chosen nominees of their nomination and tell them why you chose their blog
  • Answer these 5 questions
  1. Favourite Candy
  2. Favourite breed of Dog or any animal
  3. Favourite Book
  4. Favourite Flower
  5. Favourite Song
Or you can choose your own not to personal questions for your nominee.

My 6 Nominees, ( You are normally suppose to do only 5 Nominees but I cannot make up my mind!)
  1. Marian @ Inkdropperr
  2. Leah @ Un arc-en Vintage
  3. Neevie @ Totally Neevie
  4. Shakira @ Shakira's Book blog and stuff
  5. Britishmystery98 @ Journal Of A Teen!
  6. Bookaholic 007 @ Blog Of A Bookaholic
Please accept My Apologies if I did not choose you this time!

Answers to 5 Questions,
1. Candy Cane ( When Christmas time!!!).

2. Australian Silky Terrier.

3. Dear Dumb Diary, Year 2! By Jim Benton.

4. Organic Orchids.

5. Wide Awake By Katy Perry!


  1. Hi! Thanks for following my blog! Followed you back! :)

  2. Hey!!! Just found your blog... Loving it already!!!:) xxxx

    1. Thank you, I have visited your blog and it's beautiful!
      I will follow it right away when I get on the computer am on my iPod right now.

  3. Thank you very much!!
    I am now following your lovely blog too
    Cool name by the way
    Marian :D x
    note: there are 2 "A"s in my name...

    1. Dear Marian,
      I am very sorry that I have spelt your name wrong, I will fix it right away when I get on the computer right now am on my iPod .